How to Play Pearl Lands

The World of Pearl Lands

The discovery of Pearl Lands, a galaxy with abundant resources, changed the face of the space race forever.  Fleets traveled to Pearl Lands to transport new red shiny Pearl resource to our solar system, an adventure that was not possible before the use of Pearl extensively in every part of space technology. And the gift of Pearl Lands was not limited to Pearl!  A green rain made of grain, discovered on a Pearl Lands’ planet, created a new energy source for space technologies, and a curious little yellow flower with beautiful petals provided Mana, a seed to be cultivated with utmost care.  So, with these three new resources previously unknown to mankind, space travel to the  farthest points of the Pearl Lands galaxy became a reality, and with the establishment of colony after colony Pearl Lands has become a new home for mankind.

Of course, war has never ended. With the use of new technologies, it just became more sophisticated. Fights for planets turned into a fight for resources, whether by using fire power or trade channels. Prosperity was never enough for mankind.

There was always more to gain, and more to develop. Now it’s your turn to join the race. Trade, fight and build future technologies.

Power is a beautiful thing, make sure you have it all…


Pearl Lands is a sci-fi resource management game.

There are 3 main resources in Pearl Lands.

There are 3 color resource crystals in the game to represent those resources.

Aim of the game is to use trade and space wars to collect resources, and use those resources to purchase mission cards. First person to collect 3 mission cards, triggers the end game. When game is over player with the most victory points wins the game.

Rule Book

You can download the RuleBook here;

Pearl Lands Board Game RULE BOOK