Game Setup

Q:           After we gave one resource card for each player, why are we keeping the rest of the resource cards shuffled next to game pool? Aren’t we done with them?

A:            There is a swap resource card in the universe cards. If you use that card, you can swap between players but also you can swap your card vs random one from that shuffled pile.



Q:           In buy phase, how many cards or ships I can purchase?

A:            You can only purchase 1 item in your buy phase.


Q:           In buy phase, I upgrade my standard attack ship to advanced one. Can I attack this turn?

A:            No, you cannot. Upgrade counts as a purchase. Rule is “You cannot use purchased items that turn”


Q:           I just bought a standard attack ship, I didn’t attack anyone, it’s unexhausted. But after my turn ended next player attacked me on his turn. Can I use it for defense?

A:            Yes, you can use it. Because your turn is over, and your ship is unexhausted.


Q:           I have 2 cards on my hand. Rule says “Can hold maximum 2 cards on hand”. Can I use one card in my resource phase and buy another card in buy phase? So, I will not have 3 cards on my hand.

A:            Yes, you can. You can use your universe cards anytime in your turn. Even before resource phase, when your turn officially started.


Q:           I sent my cargo ship to Trade Center last turn (I exhaust it already). Can I buy another cargo ship?

A:            You cannot. Because you can own only 1 cargo ship and 1 attack ship at same time.


Q:           What happens if I upgrade my standard attack ship? Keep both Standard and advanced ship cards?

A:            When you upgrade your attack ship, you return standard one to game pool and get advanced attack ship card immediately. You don’t keep both.


Q:           Can I trade with another player?

A:            No, you cannot. You can only trade with game pool.



Q:           Can I use my “gain 3 pearl” card beginning of my turn, in resource phase? So, I will have enough resources in buy phase to buy something.

A:            Yes, you can.


Q:           Card says “Get an extra attack dice” Can I use it same turn? Also, is this dice will stay with me all the game?
A:            Yes, you can. This is not a purchase, so you can use it same turn. And, yes it will stay with you until end of the game. Same for another card “Get an extra defense dice”.


Q:           I have no ship on my planet, but I have extra defense dice. I am under attack; can I use this dice for defense?

A:            Yes, you can. This extra defense dice counts as shield for you. But not same for extra attack dice. That one cannot attack alone.



Q:           I bought my 3rd mission card, can I play my last phase, action phase to attack another player or game is over immediately.

A:            You will finish your turn, yes you can go through your action phase. Also, if you were not the last player in turn order. Make sure game goes on until last player also play his last turn.